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Xiom Allround S with Vega Europe rubber

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Blade: XIOM Allround S (flared handle)Rubber: XIOM Vega Europe (2.0 mm sponge)Playing Style: Allround Spin & Control
The Xiom Allround S blade comes assembled with Vega Europe rubber.THE BLADE: The Allround S blade is a classic allround blade with lowered and controlled speed that provides the opportunity to manage and direct a game. Solid and clear feel connects the ball with the player's senses.THE RUBBER: The Vega Europe rubber is equipped with Xiom's "Carbo Sponge" and "Hyper Elasto" topsheet that have combined to create a rubber with innovative spin performance as well as the largest "safe zone" or sweet spot to minimize mistakes.OVERALL: This combination is best for traditional allround players and those looking for their first competition paddle.
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Brand Name Xiom
Color Black
Handle Flared
Speed 78
Spin 90
Thickness 2
Paddle Type Pro paddles
Playing Style Allround Spin & Control
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